Well “Hi,” thanks for stopping by! I’m Jen.  My past life as a network news correspondent who travelled with a craft project in her suitcase (to stay sane) has merged into a full-time crafting on TV gig.  Now I craft on HSN in the US and TSC in Canada and am constantly live streaming from my home craft & sewing studios! (I hope you’ll follow!)

I’m married to a superhero named Mike and have three sweet kids: a 10-year-old girl and eight-year-old boy-girl twins. This blog is all about trying to pull off some of those amazing projects we lay awake at night admiring, pinning, and sharing online. Except this blog is tailored for when you’re not a designer, but just a regular gal inspired to make something great. I hope you’ll snoop around and be inspired to Tryon a Home Made Life too.

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