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Oddly, I don’t even like cake.

However, I quickly discovered a HomeMade custom cake makes people really happy.  Above is my first crack at decorating with Fondant.  I was on maternity leave and while baby was sleeping I thought, how hard can it be?

If you’ve never decorated with fondant before, polka dots are a great place to start.  Use different sized circular cookie cutters and people will think you’re a pro.

Here’s a some from my cake collection, which of course, are looooong gone..

A dear friend’s wedding cake

One crazy Christmas I gave all the guys personalized Cakes.  What was i thinking trying to have 3 cakes finished on Christmas morning?!

And of course, birthdays!!

Minnie Mouse.

There’s the easy-peasy polka-dots again. This time all the same size to mimic Minnie’s dress.  You can easily jazz up a cake with toys and paper decorations, that way you’re  not trying to make everything out of sugar!

My Little Pony Cake

Emery & Porter’s cakes. Pooh and Sports themed parties.


But my most favorite creations are the ones where I paid lots of attention to the details and did it ALL out of sugar!

A Camper Cake!

And my twin’s BarnYard Birtthday Cake.

You can create beautiful gumpaste and fondant decorations, with just a few flower cookie cutters, all about layering and placement. See…

Emery’s Baptismal Cake

This wedding Cake for another dear friend and colleague required a lot of intricate piping.

TIP: Piping a design is made easier by tracing the pattern on a piece of wax paper, and then with a pin, pricking the design into the face of the cake, that way you have something to trace with your piping bag.

Wow, so many cakes and honestly, i don’t think I had a bite of any of them.  And, I’ve never made my husband one. Poor guy. Soon! I promise.  All of these cakes required the help of MANY family members, to either watch kids, help roll fondant, dye icing CLEAN UP…and  talk me off the ledge.  For me there’s always a point during the decorating process when i think, What the heck have i started, I CAN’T do this, but then i get a bit further and it starts to take shape, I love love love, the five minutes right after it’s finished.  It’s even better than eating it….At least for me.

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