Ariel Under the Sea Party!

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My daughter turned 5 this week.  It’ s not just that she now fills up a whole hand, or is that handful, it’s a motherhood milestone too.  Five years of…. (I kinda wanna say pure hell…) but it’s been a juggle of joy and …well, hell. Home and work, kids and husband.  Days like today’s birthday party I think, are a reflection of exactly what motherhood is, hard work, preparation, organization, selflessness, aching feet etc, all so they can have even just an ounce of joy, and it flies by in a flash.

I’ll share some of the HomeMade goodness from our Ariel Under the Sea Party.  I hope you like them as much as the kids did.

The main course: GoldFish Grilled Cheese

Dried Apricot Clown Fish

                                                           Dried Apricot Clown Fish – Photo Tutorial

Here’s how. You’ll need, dried apricots, while chocolate candy melts and skewers.

                                                          Clam Cookies with Ocean Pearls

Are these Clam or Oyster cookies? Technically Oysters have the pearl..but I think they look a little clamish.  They’re vanilla waffers, purple chocolate candy melts and yoghurt covered raisins.


Ocean Water: Normally I’m not into drink crystals, but couldn’t resist here. Instead of putting ice in the compartment below, I put brown sugar, gummy worms and candy sea shells.

Not exactly Under-the-Sea-ish, but she was turning 5. Plus it’s “Water”Melon. Ha ha.

So easy, but be prepared for lots of waste. (I let the kids eat the scraps as I was making them.)

                                                                                             Cake Pops

Cake Pops were the crowd favorite. I’ll definitely make these again.

Two words if you’re going to make Cake Pops: BULK BARN.

The kids couldn’t wait to eat them.

The Cake.

The special Guest.  ARIEL!It was a great, GREAT day! I love having parties at home. The month I spent preparing, will be followed by a month spent cleaning. Oh well.

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  • Shawna

    LOVE IT!!! SO sorry we missed it!!! You are an amazing woman Jen!! xoxo

  • Aileen

    Wow! Those photos are amazing… You are incredible! Who doesn’t love Ariel??

  • Carolyn MacKenzie

    Amazing Jen. I’m all about the home parties as well. Gonna have to steal a few of these ideas. Brilliant.

  • Kellie

    Hi, I just stumbled across this blog. I am having my daughter an under the sea party in March. I love your cake. Could you please give a little more detail as to how you made it? Thanks in advance.

    • Jennifer Tryon

      Hey there,
      So sorry for the delayed response, have i missed your daughter’s party? I hope it turned out wonderfully. If not, let me know how I can help.

  • Valessa

    The ocean water how did u get it that nautical blue color need it for my son & daughter in law baby shower this Saturday. ..

    • Jennifer

      This was just drink crystals from bulk barn!!!

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