We asked our community what they loved about our HomeMade Cricut Event, and they answered!

So, don’t take our word for it! See what our past participants are saying about our HomeMade Cricut classes, community, box, and more!

The Classes and Instructions

I loved that I received EVERYTHING that I would need (and more) to make a vast array of projects. Many of us just don’t realize just what our Cricuts really can do. I loved the online class format that allowed me to go at my pace and schedule as I got called in to work that weekend, no problem. I got the same instruction as everyone else when I could Cricut. I am so looking forward to this year’s event! – Kimberlea S

I had only owned my very first cricut for a little over a month when I signed up for last years event. I loved everything. Was it a little overwhelming maybe, but all the classes really encouraged me to jump right in and make all the things! – Carol U

All inclusive box of supplies with extras!! Very generous. I like that videos were available after for those of us who needed them!! – Beth N

I loved making the apron! I use it for all my crafts and have added my project pins throughout the year! – Seri D

I loved the new skills that made me love my Cricut even more! The instructors were great, and it was awesome that I could do the projects at my own pace. – Diane L

The extra little things and the videos. – Diana V

It is perfect for new Cricut users. You get fabulous instructors but, you also get access to lots of other Cricut users who have been where you are now! – Kristine O

The Community

Honestly everything!! I really appreciated that the box had everything that was needed and the instructors were incredibly helpful and you could go at your own pace. Projects I was previously intimidated by I wasn’t anymore because I had all the supplies and an expert to guide us through it. It really expanded the range of projects I have been making over this past year.

Also, the facebook group was SO supportive and helpful. It was so energizing being surrounded by fellow makers who were sincere in their compliments (or tips to do it better!) of what we posted! -Jo H

Last year was SO. MUCH. FUN! Literally from start to finish. Learned so many new things in each and every class…and then to see everyone’s posts showing their creations and how much fun they all had in the Facebook group created such a sense of comradely!

Jo and I signed up for this years event on the first day we could haha.

I’ve already told my husband he is on kid duty for that entire weekend because we will be camping in Jo H’s craft room!!!!!!! -Mandy P

The Box

I loved that all items needed for each project were included in the package. I didn’t have to source the materials myself or substitute anything. The Homemade Cricut event is by far the best Cricut event I’ve ever been involved with. – Kristy B

All the awesome stuff you get!!! – Brenda C

All the goodies in the box and the step by step instructions! – Patricia K

I’ve it all. The extras are great, the supplies needed in one place rocks. The little surprises. The videos, learning to do new things. And the popcorn. I want more of that! – Jessica C

The Projects

I really enjoyed making all the projects and learning some new skills. I loved that all the materials (and more) were included in the price of the event! – Donna D

Learning New Skills

Joining the Homemade Cricut event last year made me more confident when using my machine. I learned so much and it was virtually stress free because all the materials were provided. I would highly recommend this event to anyone who is just starting out on their Cricut journey. – Kristy B

I loved trying things I would never try on my own; it opened so many doors. Guess that applies to the course itself as it was my first Homemade course and I loved the format and have done all the others since. – Cat H

Learning to use products I hadn’t used or was intimidated to use. – Tammy W

I loved learning to do new things like the earrings even though I don’t wear them. Stretching the mind is great at my age (77). – Sandie S