We asked our community what they loved about our HomeMade Quilting Retreat, and they answered!

So, don’t take our word for it! See what our past participants are saying about our HomeMade Quilting Retreat classes, community, box, and more!

The Classes and Instructions

Loved everything about it. It was my first attempt at quilting & I would never have attempted it on my own. Having ALL the necessary materials shipped to my home, such clearly laid out & organized instructions, the watch “ live” or at your own pace videos, and the support, encouragement & tips from this amazing group all helped me complete a beautiful quilt that makes me smile when I see it.

Really looking forward to this year’s beauty. – Susan K

Organized step by step directions and the great group of women. – Patricia K

I liked that we could choose to go at the week-by-week pace, or be like me and, um, still not be finished! – Cheryl F

I loved that all the experienced and newbie quilters took the time to answer any and all questions. The Homemade Team and Jennifer made the whole experience so pleasurable with great instructions and videos. – Vanessa H

I enjoyed all of it. The structure kept me on pace, the fabric was a dream to work with. Although my skills are not stellar I ended up with a lovely quilt. I have signed up for the next one. I like that this quilt class is not as close to the holiday season. – Jo-Ann J

The Community

As an experienced quilter, I enjoyed the enthusiasm and perseverance of the newbie quilters, and the willingness of others to coach them through the process. Technically it was a beginner level quilt but definitely an ambitious size for a first timer. – Eileen K

I loved EVERYTHING! The box, extras, instructions, live Q&A, everyone’s photos. It’s like a family event every year. It doesn’t get any better then that. – Sharon A

I did the last quilt retreat. It was my first ever quilt. I learned everything from scratch! The community effort part of this was the best. If I was doing it on my own it would still be big pile of squares. But it is complete and gifted!! – Tanya P

The Box

Loved the box of everything you needed to complete the quilt. The best quality fabrics were included. I’ve already signed up for the next quilt retreat. – Marie L

Loved the quality of the fabrics, notions and, of course, the instructors! Wonderful, supportive FB group as well. – Evelyne R

The Quilt Design

Are you kidding? Loved it so much I’m working on a second quilt. The quilt turned out beautifully. – Marja B

The quilt design, the box, the instructors, the camaraderie, stretching myself to do something new….the whole thing! – Donyale J

Learning New Skills

I participated in this wonderful, educational and super fun quilting retreat! I made my first ever full sized quilt that I am so proud of! I am working on my second quilt of the same pattern. All the supplies and materials were provided and the quality of everything is great!! I’m excited to participate in the upcoming quilting retreat this fall! – Laurie W

OMG, I loved everything! And it was exactly what I hoped it would be too! The supplies, the design, the fabric, the instructions, live Q&A, the extras and the fact that I actually pushed myself to learn something knew, that I thought I was not able to do before. I love how my quilt turned out. I can’t wait to do this years Quilt treat. – Sonia B