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ALERT! Chip shortage this Thanksgiving!! Otherwise how can anyone explain why I arrived at my sister’s this Thanksgiving to little more than half a bag of Smokey Bacon left.  Our family loves chips.  But she had purchased 8, yes 8 bags!  This is a new low even for our family.

Feeling deprived, I was making Thanksgiving scalloped potatoes for another family dinner and  there happened to be about two sliced potatoes left with no where to go.  When the lightbulb when off. An evil gluttonous grin encompassed my face. I knew exactly what to do with them.Â

 Ah ha! HomeMade potato chips.

I quickly fried them up.


Sprinkled with some Sea Salt and Rosemary.


They were DEE-LISH.  Warm, some crunchy, some still a little potatoey in the middle.

Much better than left over Lays Smokey Bacon. (although i did quickly polish those off.)



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