3 Easy Ways To Add Texture To Your Walls With Lowe’s

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3 easy ways to add texture to your walls with lowe's

Are you looking for some simple ways to update your walls besides just the usual, change your paint colour? 

Then you are in the right place because, with products from Lowe’s, I created 3 different DIYs that you can make to add texture and design to your walls! 

Plus, the best part is that all of these wall DIYs are budget-friendly and can be completed over the weekend! 



Shiplap are ready to hang boards that fit together perfectly! Just measure your wall and cut your board to length with a mitre saw. Then use a nail gun to nail the boards to your wall in between the grooves. 

It’s really that simple and creates such a cute bathroom farmhouse look!

plain white bathroom wall before photo

shiplap bathroom textured wall after photo




Step 1) Mark studs and measure your wall length across. Cut shiplap to length with mitre saw to wall length. 

pile of wood for shiplap bathroom wall

woman placing shiplap board onto bathroom wall

Step 2. Starting at the bottom, start stacking shiplap boards one at at time. Nail into the provided groves into the studs.  Continuing stacking on all walls until you reach the ceiling.

shiplap wall being built in bathroom

shiplap wall and hardwood floor in bathroom

woman's hands building shiplap wall

woman nailing shiplap to wall

Step 3 Fill any exposed nail holes with wood fill. Painting is optional.

black mirror hanging on shiplap wall in bathroom

wooden shelves handing on shiplap textured wall

farmhouse bathroom mirror and sink

farmhouse bathroom with shiplap textured wall

bathroom vanity with shiplap wall

bathroom towel rack hanging on shiplap wall

hand towel hook hanging on shiplap textured wallfarmhouse bathroom with custom vanity

creating a shiplap wall with lowe's


If you’ve got a dated brick wall you can easily update it for under $50! 

Using a metal scraper, spread joint compound or drywall compound over top of the brick, to give it that modern farmhouse look. However, be sure not to cover it completely, because you want the look of the brick to peek through.

green wreath on brick textured wall



recovering brick wall tools


Step 1 – Start with clean brick.  Use a firm bristled brush to help clean it.  

mirror hanging on brick wall

close up photo of red brick wall

sponges for cleaning brick wall

Step 2) In a separate bucket mix about a tablespoon of water for every scraper full of joint compound. Mix (and add more water) until compound is the consistency of  “natural” peanut butter.

joint compound made for covering brick wall

Step 3) Spread joint compound mixture onto wall.  Be sure and leave a little brick exposed for a more authentic look.  If too thick, remove some compound with a wet sponge.

woman spreading joint compound on brick textured wall

joint compound covering brick wall

Tip: Leave some smear lines intact for a more authentic look. 

Step 4) Cover your entire wall and let try for 24-48hours.

green wreath on brick textured wall

modern farmhouse brick textured wall

farmhouse brick textured wall diy project

woman hanging wreath on brick textured wall

recovering brick wall with lowe's


Using inexpensive MDF boards, you can add a pattern to your bathroom walls! Simply use ½ inch or less wood strips or MDF boards (if you want to save even more money), then paint the entire wall for a tone on tone pattern. 

patterned white wall in entryway




Step 1 –  Measure the height and length of your wall. Mark your studs.  Cut your the 3 ½ inch primed MDF in half lengthwise, so you have enough pieces to cover/match your studs.

wood being cut using miter saw

Step 2) Frame the wall edges and ceiling with MDF using nail gun in studs.  Fasten a vertical board evenly across the wall on the studs. 

vertical boards across wall

woman nailing vertical boards on wall

Step 3)  Determine spacing for your herringbone pattern. We chose 16” spacing and cut the middle slats at a 30 degree angle.

woman making cut line on wood

wood being cut using saw

TIP – Make a spacer with mdf board and use that to determine the spacing between each chevron. 

woman adding spacer boards to entry wall pattern

Step 4)  When diagonal boards are evenly spaced, fasten them with nail gun.

woman using nail gun to nail spacers into wall

Step 5) Once pattern is finished, fill the nail holes with wood puddy and sand before painting.

finished wall pattern that is unpainted

filling nail holes in with wood putty

Step 6) Paint wall one tone. A paint spryer will prevent seeing brush marks overtop of all of the wood slats. 

woman painting entry wall with pattern white

textured wall with white herringbone pattern

herringbone patterned textured wall

adding a pattern to a wall with lowe's

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