The Great Craft Room Clean Up

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I made it my mission in 2022 to not just get organized…to stay organized.

Jennifer Tryon in her new craft room

Jennifer Tryon in her new craft room.

It took time, a plan, some investment, and a lot of elbow grease. But finally, The Great Craft Room Clean Up is complete.

Keep scrolling for your free downloadable cut files so you can decorate the fronts of your Best Craft Organizer drawers too along with the Full 3-Part Series The Great Craft Room Clean Up.

The biggest problem in my space was the overflow of fabric. It was constantly spilling off the shelves.

messy fabric stroage

messy craft room

I thought I needed MORE shelves, turns out I didn’t and I actually didn’t have to reduce my fabric stash at all! I kept EVERYTHING and didn’t have to buy any new shelves.  NOPE, not one.  I use the KALLAX bookshelves from Ikea and decided to turn them sideways. Like library stacks. Not flat against the wall.  This way I could access them from both sides. (mind blown!) Now I’ve doubled my fabric storage space.   I got these awesome fabric shelf inserts for yardage, and two fit perfectly back to back on the Kallax.  Now I can walk between the fabric shelves now, shopping my own stash from both sides.


How to store Fat Quarters after you fold them was a puzzle I couldn’t solve.   They literally just never look as nice again. Until now.  These little fat quarter shelves with the magenetic book end keeps them perfectly folded, and the shelf is the exact size of a fat quarter folded up! Genius.

The thread was another huge tangle! But in our drawer systems, I ordered thread grid storage systems. Previously,  I was keeping my thread out in the open air,  it was getting dusty and that was gathering in my sewing machines.

Now it’s neat, covered, and doesn’t roll around. I love opening these thread drawers.

thread storage drawer in sewing room thread storage in sewing room

As we dug out, threw out, and sorted out…we also filmed!


Ok, here’s are some more embarrassing before pictures.  Yes. This is how I live. I mean…LIVED.

sewing machine in messy sewing room

That wall AFTER!

Here’s what I ordered

Fabric & Thread Organization

Paper crafting storage

Crafting tools storage

Stamping and colouring storage

Cricut machine storage

That’s a lot of white drawers!

White craft shelves

Once I got the drawers together it was all looking very white.  Best Craft Organizer has the steps for how to spray paint the drawers on their website. But a) I had more than nearly 200 drawers, I just couldn’t see spending that much on spray paint, & b) I was afraid over time with repetitive use that the paint would scratch off the sides, and I’d end up ruining the drawers.   So I thought, VINYL! YES! I designed the exact size of the drawer fronts on Cricut Design Space and Cut out of vinyl. Yes, it was about 20+ rolls of vinyl,  (did you know you can buy vinyl in bulk from Cricut! Who knew?!) Now, if I change my mind, or want a new colour scheme in the future, I just peel it right back off, the drawers are perfectly intact. This was the perfect solution for me.

I used:

Cricut Premium Vinyl in both Removeable and Permanent (whatever I could get my hands on!);

  • tulip
  • White
  • Clay
  • Something Blue

And you can buy Cricut Vinyl in Bulk for big jobs like this!

I cut the files on the Cricut Maker 3, since you can do very long mat-less cuts which helped for the repetitive cutting. But some colours didn’t come in Smart Vinyl so I used a 24inch mat for those.

Cricut Maker 3

And the best part! I made the files for you to use too!


If you’d like to customize the fronts of your Best Craft Organizer Drawers just choose a colour of vinyl, or even patterned vinyl would look awesome. Please feel free to use the free template we designed. (Don’t you love it when someone else figures out math for you!) Personal use only please because sharing (fairly) is caring.

Best Craft Organizer Drawers Customized in Vinyl

Best Craft Organizer Drawers Customized in Vinyl

Below are 5 are the SVG files which means, one for each size of drawer that Best Craft Organizer makes.

Here’s how to download them;

  1. Click on the title of the one you want below.
  2. It will automatically download to your computer.
  3. You can then upload them to Cricut Design Space, or whatever cutting program you use.

1 inch drawer front

2 Inch Drawer Front

3 inch drawer front

paper tray front

craft storage design

I love the vinyl! I just used scissors to jaggedly cut extra corner and half pieces to get that painted brush stroke affect!

jennifer tryon in her new craft room

Watch the Full 3-Part Series!


I’ve had the drawers up and using the systems for 3 months. It hasn’t failed me yet! I actually feel like I’m a neater person. But the truth is now everything has a place, so there’s no just setting stuff down. EVERY LAST THING has a place. That’s the KEY!  Good luck my fellow messy crafters!



ps. I was not paid to do this series (and yes it was a lot of work! totally worth it), however, the links this post are affiliate links, which means if you purchase any of these products, Stamp-N-Storage and BEST CRAFT ORGANIZER’S and CRICUT will give me a small commission. Which is how I can get paid, which is oh-so-helpful.  So thanks to those companies for letting me be a part of their affiliate programs and THANK YOU SO MUCH for following and supporting!

YAY! All done! Now lets make a mess!

Jennifer Tryon Craft Room

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