You LOVED our 2021 HomeMade Virtual Quilting Retreat, and we are so EXCITED to announce that our Virtual Quilting Retreat is back for 2022!

This year we are sewing up a quilt that is out of this world, and we can’t wait for you to join us!

​To register for our 2022 Virtual Quilting Retreat click the button below!

Also, to learn more details about the quilt we will be making, the fabric we be using, and our AMAZING guest speakers, keep scrolling!


To make things a bit easier, we broke down all the details that you need to know about our Virtual Quilting Retreat!

THE EVENT:  The Virtual Quilting Retreat is a 7-week quilting event where  Jennifer Tryon will teach you how to make a quilt from start to finish! When you sign up for the retreat, the following is included: 

  • Video classes where Jennifer will take you through each stage of the quilting process. 
  • Live Q&A each week to answer your questions and keep you on track.
  • A big box filled with everything you need to make a quilt. 
  • Special guest quilting teachers Vanessa Christenson and Amanda Brown.
  • Bonus quilting videos 

THE BOX: Now, you may be asking, ‘’What do you mean by EVERYTHING’’?

When we say EVERYTHING, we mean you will get the following in your box:

  • All piecing fabric
  • Backing Fabric
  • Batting
  • Binding
  • Thread
  • Basting Spray
  • And a few other goodies!

The only things you will need to provide are a sewing machine and some basic sewing supplies (pins, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, etc.) to complete the quilt.

WHERE IS THE VIRTUAL EVENT: The Virtual Quilting Retreat will be held in a private Facebook group but you will also be sent class videos via email. You will need to have access to Facebook in order to participate in the group chats and to see our live Q&A Sessions.

In the Facebook group, can share your quilting progress, ask questions, and meet other makers who have joined the retreat! Also, as an added bonus, you will have access to the Facebook group for one full year! This means that you can sew at your own pace.

WHEN IS THE VIRTUAL QUILTING RETREAT: This year’s event will start on October 14, 2022, but the full schedule will be announced closer to the event.


If you are a beginning quilter this event is perfect because we have taken all of the guesswork out of the quilting process and gathered up all the supplies. Plus, besides having access to our video classes, we will also be having LIVE Q&A sessions with Amanda Brown from Janome! This means you can ask all of your questions that either have to do with the quilt we are making or just sewing in general.

THE PRICE: CA $349.00


For our 2021 Virtual Quilting Retreat, we are sewing the gorgeous Stargazer Pattern from V and Co! This pattern is not only beautiful to look at, but Vaness Christenson (the pattern designer and owner of V and Co) has made it so simple to put together!

Along with our videos, you will also get her pattern which includes step-by-step instructions with color illustrations, pictures, and diagrams. So, if you are a first-time quilter, this quilt is a perfect place to start!


The best part about any quilt along is the fabric and we will be using V and Co’s NEW Ombre Galaxy Fabric by Moda!

For this year’s Quilting Retreat, Moda has provided 3 fun quilt colorway options! Meaning, that you get to choose what color quilt you want to make during this event.

The colorway options Moda has provided are Galaxy, Daytime, and Nighttime. Below is a quick breakdown of each colorway and how the fabrics differ! 


During our HomeMade Quilting Retreat, we also have some special guest speakers and teachers! Check out who will be showing up at this year’s retreat and don’t forget to click on the ”learn more” button to read their bios!

vanessa christianson

Vanessa Christenson

Moda Fabric and Pattern Designer

Learn More About Vanessa!

Vanessa Christenson is  a wife and mom of four humans and two cats who likes to quilt, sew, decorate, run her mouth, hang out with other women who can stand her, and fake organize the death out of anything (i.e. get rid of things). She started V and Co back when her husband was deployed (because why wouldn’t a mom of four add yet another thing to her plate) and has since grown it into the go-to place for amazing ombre quilting fabric and patterns. Vanessa calls Iowa home — although as a California native — she’s still not a big fan of Midwest winters.

Click here to learn more about Vanessa and her business V and Co! 

amanda brown

Amanda Brown

Janome Educator

Learn More About Amanda!

Fabric Heart was started in 2013 during a phase of sheer boredom having a newborn. I know what you are thinking. Who is bored with a newborn? Me. Or I thought I was. I now look back at those days and wish I had embraced the boredom and had a few more naps. Just prior to this newborn entering the world I walked into a fabric shop hoping to buy fabric to make a blanket for the new baby (because pregnancy causes me to be domestic) and I spotted a quilt on the wall that I fell in love with. I took a class to make that quilt and the rest is history. I haven’t stopped wanting to make quilts since. My other favourite hobby is buying mass quantities of fabric to store in a cupboard and look at it daily to keep me happy. So Fabric Heart is really a reflection of how much joy fabric brings me and how I LOVE to create quilts and other items with all my fabric.

Click here to learn more about Amanda and her business Fabric Heart! 


We asked our community what they loved about our HomeMade Virtual Quilting Retreat, and they answered!

So, don’t take our word for it! See what our past participants are saying about our HomeMade Quilting Retreat classes, community, box, and more! Also, below is just a sample of some of the reviews we have received. To read even more, click here!

Loved everything about it. It was my first attempt at quilting & I would never have attempted it on my own. Having ALL the necessary materials shipped to my home, such clearly laid out & organized instructions, the watch “ live” or at your own pace videos, and the support, encouragement & tips from this amazing group all helped me complete a beautiful quilt that makes me smile when I see it.

Really looking forward to this year’s beauty. – Susan K


I did the last quilt retreat. It was my first ever quilt. I learned everything from scratch! The community effort part of this was the best. If I was doing it on my own it would still be big pile of squares. But it is complete and gifted!! – Tanya P


OMG, I loved everything! And it was exactly what I hoped it would be too! The supplies, the design, the fabric, the instructions, live Q&A, the extras and the fact that I actually pushed myself to learn something knew, that I thought I was not able to do before. I love how my quilt turned out. I can’t wait to do this years Quilt treat. – Sonia B