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If only I had an army of minions, I kept hidden in the basement who would obey my every command. I kinda do, except for the basement and the command part.  My son can’t get enough of ‘Despicable Me’, I also can’t get him to keep a hat on, so here you go, the perfect solution.

A Minion Toque Tutorial.  Here’s what you’ll need.


1/4 metre yellow fleece

4 inches x width (which is the minimum most fabric store will sell) of black, white and grey fleece or you could use felt.

Coordinating threat (yellow, black, white, grey)

Red thread or red fleece if you want the little smirk.

Sewing machine

Scissors or Rotary cutter

Blank paper for pattern

Measuring tape

Kid with a head.



Start by measuring the head you want to minionize and then divide that number in half.  In this case, his head measured 22 inches (is that big?).  So the pattern needs to be 11 inches across.   I measured 11 inches across the bottom of a sheet of paper, and then folded it in half.  Round off the top of the sheet, because it’s folded you’ll ensure the shape is the same on both sides. Open it back up. I left about 7 inches for the body of the hat. You have two options for the bottom, cut straight across or cut a half circle at the bottom. I cut out the half circle at the bottom because i wanted to ensure that the hat covered his ears and met the top of his coat.


Next, fold your yellow fleece in half and pin the pattern to it.  Cut and you’ll have two identical sides of the hat.  Place right sides together (these are the side you want to be the exterior of the hat) and pin.

Starting from the bottom, sew straight up each side stopping about half way over the top hump. Do this on both sides.

When you’re finished sewing the sides, and there are no pins left in it, you should have a big hole the top of the hat. (That’s good) .

Open hat and put seems together

Pin the two seams that are sewn together in the top middle, creating a new seam at the top that needs sewing.  Pin the line and sew this together. This will give the hat a roundish shape.It should look like this (above) inside out when you’re finished sewing the 3 seams, right, left and top.

Now you’re ready to hem the bottom.  Measure about a half inch from bottom and fold up, and then fold another half inch so you have a clean seam. Pin and sew about 1/4 from the folded edge. Do this for the front and the back.

And that’s how you make the hat.  Next is the fun part, making the face.  There’s no exact measurements for this. Minions have lots of different faces so you can be creative. My little guy likes the one-eye minion, so that was my inspiration.  Sew it on in layers. I started with the black bands, then the grey goggle, the white eye, brown inside eye, then black pupil.

I  cut them out of the appropriate coloured fabrics and sewed them on, layer by layer.  I made the eye looking upwards and to the right slightly, so he’d look more mischievous and less like a miners flashlight helmet.  And lastly, sewed a little red half moon for a smirk, and some little black stitch lines for sparse hair. Black yarn would have been cute too.   This was a very fast project, however it was late when I started it, and well after midnight by the time I got to the fun stuff and I was starving.  My husband was coming back from the Leafs game and brought me a disgusting yet delicious midnight snack.

Midnight SnackYou can see, I didn’t stop to take a picture prior to diving into the McD’s.  Shamefully there isn’t even a morsel left.  Oh well. I deserved it, because look!

He squealed when i gave it to him in the morning. That night, when i snuck into his room for an extra kiss while he was sleeping…this is what I saw.

It felt good.

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