The Countdown – DAY 5

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In five days, my five-year-old will turn six.  Actually, she’ll turn six in two days, but the five day countdown to the party has begun.  This is the point in the week where I’m inspired, feeling excited to make so many cool things.  Check back in on day two and day one and you might find me in the kitchen in the fetal position.   So ya, stay tuned for that.

But for now, I’m pumped.

The only somewhat uninspired thing is that our party is going to be like every other six-year-old party this year. FROZEN theme.  All Elsa, all Anna, all the time. Still, it’s going to be great. I’m pumped, pouring over ideas and there’s nothing we love around here more than a homemade birthday party.

First task is done.

Invitations. Check.

          I made these to look like tickets because Elsa is coming to give the kids a little show!

     I also made Olaf Invitations, printed them all and cut them out with my Westcott rotary paper cutter.

Thanks to  Rook No. 17 for the template, I filled in the pertinent information.

Anna and Elsa Template 

Use your favourite photo editor to add in your party information. I used PicMonkey.

     I printed out Elsa and Anna invitations to look like tickets because Elsa is coming to put on a show!!!

Envelops and all.

                                      Frozen Envelops.

Violet signed them all….during breakfast…before school. Multi-tasking, must start young.

                          Frozen Invitations & envelops

So with that done…now begins five days of cake baking, decoration making and house cleaning…lots of house cleaning, then five months of recovering.


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