Countdown…day 4.

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I’m supposed to be writing a blog post right now, letting you in on how the party planning is going. But it’s nearly 1am and I’m just too tired.  Plus I let the birthday girl stay up late to help bake the cake which was fun…and slower, much slower. And messy, much messier.

                        Violet helping make her Frozen Birthday Cake

So let me off the hook tonight.
If you really want to see a good party planning, read about last years Little Mermaid Party.

Just rest assured that nine cake layers have been baked.

             Three purple layers ready for the Frozen Cake.

                    Frozen cakes baked Blue, Purple and While Layered cakes

Three fell apart. Yes 1/3 of the work needs to be redone!! or perhaps I can just icing it back together but I’m too tired to care anymore.

It will work out.

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