Ethan’s Pirate Cake (Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake)

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Yo ho! I thought I’d share my latest cake baking adventure
for my best friend’s boy. He actually turns 4 today! Happy Birthday Ethan!! He was so happy and grateful for his cake!

             Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

The cake wasn’t very hard, you just needed to bake enough so you can stack it up and carve out the ship.
I baked three 8×12 inch cakes and one 9inch round. I knew this cake was coming up so when I made last weeks Christmas cake, which you can see here, I baked these ones too. Cake holds beautifully in the freezer as long as it’s wrapped. Huge time saver!

       Carving the ship out of chocolate cake.

              the SCRAPS!

There were a lot of cake munchers hanging around the kitchen.
I iced it in chocolate butter cream, although chocolate ganache would have matched better.

              Starting to look like a ship!

It’s covered with chocolate fondant. I ran my knife in lines over it without cutting through to make it look like wood panels. And as part of his Jake and the Neverland Pirates gift, the characters on the cake are figurines he can keep.


              Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

Blue buttercream for the waves and brown sugar for the sand. I just printed out the sails on the computer and used wooded cake dowels I painted with brown food colouring to keep them up.

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake

Crushed Jolly Ranchers for a bit of treasure!

He loved it!! (Which is the best part.)

           Crushed Jolly Ranchers for Pirate treasure.

           Ethan turns 4!

              Jake and the Neverland Pirates Cake


It’s never a shame to hack right into them!!

            Let’s Eat!

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