Christmas Village

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Hello Everyone!

Yep, this Christmas Village is stitched entirely out of white thread.

I’ve never had a Christmas Village in my life…but have admired them at other people’s houses since I was a kid. So I couldn’t love it more.

Check it out!

I downloaded the designs from OESD .com.  You can download all at once, or individually, and add to it year after year.

I stitched it out with my Janome S9…(Which I’ll have on the shopping channel in Canada for a steal in FEB 2020!).

For this project you need a lot of two things;

1) Water Soluble Stabilizer onto water soluble stabilizer

2) Thread

I went through a bucket full of small white 40wt Rayon Spools until I finally got smart and got the big King Cones

from Sulky. I bought this by the bolt, because you need Stabilizer under every piece you embroider, so you need a lot of it!
I also used a crazy amount of thread. I started with small spools but blew through so fast. Once I switched to the Sulky King Spools, things went a lot quicker! (Sulky 40 Wt. Rayon 850 Yd. King Spool)

I’ll admit I’ve been stitching this since the end of summer … but If you did one building a month until next year…you’d have one by next Christmas….and keep it a lifetime!
I love it.

OESD FreeStanding Embroidered Lace Post Office

















OESD FreeStanding Lace Firehouse

OESD FreeStanding Lace Firehouse




OESD FreeStanding lace Embroidered Bakery


OESD Embroidered Quilt Shop














































Happy Stitching!



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