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WARNING – Be advised.  Cloth masks do not replace N95 masks. They should not be more by medical personnel. Cloth masks are recommended only as a last resort during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Don’t get me wrong, I love sewing. But masks these days are for everyone. So…if you really can’t sew… and you don’t have the will to even try…(LOL) Here you go!

This is a standard, tie at the back mask with a pocket on the inside to hold a filter.

For this mask you’ll need:

3 pieces 100% cotton fabric (old dress shirt could work) Click here to see the fabric I used.
Pipe Cleaner
60 inch piece of Bias Tape – cut in half
Glue gun or liquid glue. (glue gun is faster and easier to iron)
3M Furnace Filter. (optional)

You can also check out my sewn mask tutorial.

Stay safe!

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