3 Ways to Build a Gallery Wall

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Here are 3 ways to build your own Gallery Wall in 3 different locations. Staircase, Master Bath & Entry Way.

Gallery Wall

Gallery Wall

I used Command Strips instead of nails.

Command Strips instead of nails. NO wall damage! Plus I easily could change my mind. 

Comman Strips

Command Strips & Scotch Ultra Sharp Lines Painter’s Tape for the WIN!

Master Bath Gallery Wall

I had the kids take some cloud photos and framed them with frames are SILVERHÖJDEN from IKEA.

I used Scotch Ultra Sharp Lines painter tape to line everything up and Command strips to hang the frames.

Scotch Ultra Sharp Line Painter’s Tape to line up Gallery Wall


I cut out the size of each frame from brown paper (you could use old wrapping paper) and tested a few layouts on the wall.  Good thing I did because the pattern I originally sketched out didn’t fit at all!

I used Command Strips for the pictures and Command Hooks for the non frames.


I chose a conventional layout out because the master bath was a bit of an unconventional place for a Gallery Wall. But I love the pop of blue and the gold goes great with the bathroom fixtures.


For the Staircase I eye balled everything. However I made sure at least one side of the frame was parallel with at least one side of the adjacent frame.

As long as one side of your frame is aligned with at least one side of a neighboring frame, your wall will look cohesive. Even if the spacing in between your frames isn’t always the same.  Using Command Strips instead of nails really helps with this.


I printed most of these photos at home on the Epson 2760 Super Eco Tank Printer.

This printer doesn’t take cartridges, it has a super tank, doesn’t need to be refilled for about 2 years! I printed about 50 photos for this project and didn’t put a dent in the ink! Epson 2760 Super Eco Tank Printer.


Front Entrance

At the front entrance I used a mix of photos, home dec stuff and sentimental type thing to diversify the look. I also used picture shelves from IKEA and leaned some of the frames.  Command strips & hooks are holding up everything else.


I smile a little when I walk up these stairs. I love how it turned out. I see something different each time. Go ahead and use LOTS of frames and Photos. When I first got the frames I worried about it being overboard. But you can just keep adding and it keeps looking great.

Here’s the Global Morning Show segment on Gallery Walls.

Give a gallery wall a try.  I know you’ll love it.



Here’s what I used.

Command Strips

Command Hooks

Epson EcoTank Printer 2760

Epson Photo Paper

All frames are from IKEA.

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