See ya later Grandma, enjoy the basement!

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I’m lucky to have a space in our house we use specifically for crafting.  It’s a little 6×12 foot loft space that overlooks the living room I share with the kids. Regular people would use it as an office. BORING! The kids and I love it…it contains our creations.  Apart from our bed at 6am, it’s where we all pile into most often…except dad. He likes it when we’re all in there so he can watch tv in peace.

See my Sweet girl ….

…quietly making something wonderful…

Ya well…wonderful or not, the process of creativity…..leads to THIS!

It’s a constant DISASTER. There’s fabric touching paint, rice cakes getting glued instead of eaten, the iron is always hot (I can just hear the emergency room doctor scolding…”Don’t you know it’s not safe to let toddlers be that close to a hot iron!”…ya ya I know, “but the seams, they need pressing immediately, I HAVE to leave it on.”) One kid is always using $69 a yard drapery fabric as a paper towel. (the one time they decide to wipe their own face.)

The merging of adult and preschool crafts rooms…is no longer working.

Now, I realize most craft at their kitchen tables… pulling things out and putting them away.  “Just clean it up” I can hear my mother saying.

Well… don’t you think I’ve thought of that?  It just never seems to happen.  As it is with 3 young kids, I sew in 10 minute increments over a 5 month period to get anything done….usually with someone on my lap.  So messes in the craft room tend rank low on the priority scale, especially when last night’s supper dishes are beginning to sprout legs.

What’s the solution?  WAIT!  The answer was right under by nose…actually just left of the bathroom.  We have a lovely, and even better than lovely, mostly empty spare room.

See ya later grandma, hope you enjoy the basement, cause mama’s craft room is movin’in.

I mean, imagine, SPACE, to work and move…Iron seams and not scorch your toddler.  Perfect! I just gotta convince hubs.

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