If it was any Worse, I’d be a Hoarder.

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This is just embarrassing!

What a Mess!

Usually I just work around the piles of fabric, tiptoe around pins and pray I turned off the glue gun, but right now the mess in my craft room has gotten so bad, I can no longer move my chair!

I can’t take it anymore. Can you believe I’ve even been able to get anything done in this heap!

So I tied my hair up with a piece of scrap and got to work.

            A makeshift hair tie. I knew there was a reason I didn’t throw this out.

Anything more than 1 yard got wrapped around a cardboard fabric board, meant for bolts at the fabric store, or freaks like me who have enough at home.

Anything under 1 yard but over 12 inches got wrapped around a comic book cardboard. I purchased a pack of 100 for $9.95 at a comic book store, and so i wouldn’t have to go back, I bought a second.

Well…I went through 200 boards no problem.

So I’m currently BANNED from buying any more fabric.

  This is a work of art! Kudos to whoever the fat quarter fabric folder is at Moda, cause I never want to untie this.

               I even colour coordinated the felt. Felt good.

And look what I found, under the heap! Gorgeous strips from an Amy Butler Jelly Roll. Lovely.

                           Gorgeous strips from an Amy Butler Jelly Roll. Lovely.

So I’m making progress but I’m not finished yet.  I’m moving another table in and there’s lots more organizing to do.  I haven’t even gotten to the paper yet! So I’ll post a before after once it’s done.

Anyone interested in a little Clean Craft Room tour when it’s done?!

Stay tuned, it’s starting to look good.

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  • Carol

    Looks like you’re making great head way Jen! Keep up the good work!xo lol We’ve all been there many times too!

  • Paula

    So can we take bets on how long the clean room will last:)

  • Amanda

    Sure!! I will take a tour! I will give you to the end of the summer! Good Luck 😉

  • sewbeeit

    You were brave to post before pictures. My sewing room is a mess right now after a busy summer. I’m working on getting projects complete and out so I can organize. I like your card board idea for folding fabric. Looks neat and you can see what you have.

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