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I got a new sewing machine! And I can’t stop embroidering.  If you think the pictures here are dark…it’s because it’s the middle of the night.

But someone was very happy in the morning!

   New r2d2 embroidered shirt. Maybe a whole Star Wars Collection should be in the works

                   r2d2 shirt

I’m now sewing on a Janome Memory Craft 9900. It’s like I’ve been riding a pogo stick my whole life and now I’m driving a Bentley.

            The Janome Memory Craft 9900

I found the cutest R2D2 pattern  at Meringue Designs…and $85 later…I’m stocked with designs. It’s not because they’re expensive,  in fact, many are free…but I loved so many I couldn’t help myself.

                      The r2d2 applique embroidery was made from leftover track pant hem.

The shirt pattern is from Blank Slate Patterns.

I made the shirt too, but you could add this r2d2 applique to any shirt. The Pattern is from Blank Slate Patterns

I also made myself a customized all-purpose bag.

              Embroidered letter “J” personalized bag

I love watching it stitch. He loved getting his surprise this morning.

I’m hooked!

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