How to Make a T-Shirt!

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Get ready for TMI :  I’m a bit bigger “up top.” The bazooms tend to eat up any bit extra T-Shirt length from my store bought Tee’s.

Homemade T-Shirts for the whole family.

Homemade T-Shirts for the whole family.

To compensate I’d buy bigger for length and then it would bag in the arms.  First-world-busty-gal-problems. AmIright?

Well problem solved. (next world peace) Making T-Shirts yourself means if you need an extra inch or two in the  bust or waist…just go ahead and take it!

Ringer T-Shirt Pattern by Peek-A-Boo Patterns

Ringer T-Shirt Pattern by Peek-A-Boo Patterns

I’ve made a bunch of these T-SHIRT patterns from Peek-a-boo pattern Shop. Both for me, and the kids. Check the pattern for kids out here. And the women’s pattern here. I even downloaded this one for my husband. But haven’t made it yet…(stay tuned.)

I even was gutsy enough to wear one of the homemade T-Shirts on the-air at TSC (the Shopping Channel) when I was demo’ing the Janome 4DLB-Serger in Canada or in the US Janome 4DLB-Serger.  Which is the one I’ve been using to make these. I’ve also been topstitching with the Janome Coverpro 2000. Man that machine is a dream! The T-Shirt must have turned out ok because the producers didn’t haul me off with a cane and make me to wear my backup outfit! (YAY! Self-Esteem in tact!)

Jennifer Tryon wearing homemade T-Shirt on the set at TSC.

Jennifer Tryon wearing homemade T-Shirt on the set at TSC.

Now that I’ve been wearing my homemade T-Shirts, I’m noticing how scratchy cheap department store cotton is compared to the nice stuff I’ve been ordering on-line. (USE promo code TRYONSUMMER10 for 10% off Funky Monkey Fabrics until Aug 9, 2019)

Needless to say the kids and I are loving the fit of these Tees.  I’ve even added an extra cuff along the bottom of my shirts for even more length and an extra splash of fancy. Now there’s room for the bazooms and the rest of me.

Happy Sewing.



For this project I also used:

Janome Coverstitch 1000 


USA https://&

Or you could go for the 3 thread Janome Coverstitch 900 l, it’s a little less expensive

Canada –https://&

USA – https://&

 Maxi Lock Thread

Canada – https://& 

USA –https://& 





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