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If you’ve been following my posts this week, you’ll know about R2D2, and my new embroidery addiction.  Well I couldn’t stop at just R2. 

R2D2 Embroidered Boys shirt. Pattern is from Blank Slate Patterns. Embroidery Design by Meringue Designs.

The shirt was a serious hit, you can read about it here.

Guess who he wanted next?

                             Darth Vader Inspiration

Darth Vader embroidering Darth Vader. I bet George Lucas is cringing, I’m sure he follows this blog.  Right George.

It was the best show in town and drew quite a crowd.

                   It takes about 9 minutes to embroider Darth Vader

It’s supposed to take about 9  minutes to embroider Darth Vader, which is about 8  minutes longer then they can pay attention for.  So…this happening 5-times in a row was a serious Star Wars buzz kill.

If your top thread bunches underneath your fabric, it likely means you need to rethread your top thread.

Eventually we finished it.

He was so excited to finally get it on I forgot to take a picture of him wearing the shirt.

So, who should be next in our Star Wars embroidery series???  Yoda or Storm Troopers???

Leave a comment let me know.

May the force be with you!

                     Darth Vader Embroidery

Here are  some links to the machines I use.

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