What to look for when Shopping for a Sewing Machine

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​So many people have been messaging me about “where can I get a machine”? “What machine would you recommend?!
​So here are my top tips when looking for a sewing machine.

Janome 6650

Janome 6650 – A heavy duty more industry Style Machine. ONLINE ONLY.

​1) Computerization-   If you can – go for a computerized machine. This is typically one with buttons instead of knobs. Yes it’s a little more expensive, however… I highly recommend this for beginners, because computerized machines do a lot of the thinking for you.
​It picks the stitch width and length for you.
​It tells you what presser foot to use for that stitch
​These are all super helpful things.
​We don’t use rotary phones any more…we use smart phones. Get the smartest machine you can.

​2) Don’t just buy the cheapest one. Especially for kids.  A sewing machine is something you can literally have and use for a lifetime.  You may be better off buying a used model of a better quality machine that shell out good money for a mostly plastic machine.

​3) Toy sewings machines aren’t sewing machines. Kids can use real ones.

​4) If you can feel it in your heart that you’ll use a sewing machine so long as it’s easy to use and you don’t have to fight with it, then spring for the best one you can get.  You won’t be sorry.

5) Look for a drop-in bobbin.  These typically are found on the flat bed part of the machine, and have a clear window.  Say- no way, not any more, too old fashion, to machines that still make you put the bobbin in that silver bobbin casing underneath in that little trap door. no way.

​6) More stitches doesn’t mean a better machine.  Make sure you’re not just paying extra money to have a plethora of stitches you’ll never use.  Instead pay for features you’ll use all the time, like Automatic thread cutter, stitch plate button and maybe even an alphabet!

​7) Ask how much of the machine is metal! The heavier the machine the better. It means more of it is made with metal parts. (Janome’s are all metal interiors!) The heavier the machine the less likely it will jump around the table at full speed.

​8) Speed control – If you’re going to sew with kids or if you’re a beginner, speed control can really help prevent that rush of stitches at the beginning you’re not ready for, or just plain old going too fast!

​9) If you can’t afford it all in one shot, look for a payment plan.  Good machines aren’t cheap, many dealers and even the shopping channels will allow you to spread out your payment between 6months to a year.  This is is a great way to get a way better machine for a price you can afford over the next number of months.

​10) Try and get as much “throat space” as you can.  This is the amount of space to the right of the needle. It’s the place where your work is going hang out, along with your hands, so extra space is extra good. Some machines will even come with an extended table. I love this. Always err on the side of a bigger surface!

​I hope this helps if you’re considering a sewing machine for yourself or someone this Christmas!

You’ve got one more chance to get one on the Shopping Channel in Canada with me before Christmas.

​This beauty of a machine all …dressed all in red ….will be on with me Wednesday Dec 16th ALL DAY! on TSC the Shopping Channel in Canada.
​This is the Janome MC6650 and it has all of what I’ve listed above and then some.
​This is the machine I use most often, every day for ALL of the things
​But quite honestly it won’t last passed the first two hours! These things are selling so fast, with the new resurgence of sewing during the pandemic. We’ve sold out of every thing we’ve had on the air in the last two months.
​So if you’re keen…you’ve been warned!
​Happy Machine Hunting!

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