Elongated Hexagon

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Hexagons and machine sewing for many are like oil and water. An impossible mix.  A dreaded combination.

While the sewing can be time consuming, the cutting is a snap. Eight layers cut like butter with the Gemini and the Patchwork Dies, coming to HSN on Sept 10th, 2019.

Patchwork Die Elongated Hexagon

Elongated Hexagons coming to HSN Sept 10, 2019.

These cut in the same configuration as the Build-a-Block System.  Base plate, Metal Shim, fabric, Elongated Hexagon Die, Plastic Shim and Top Plastic Plate.

Gemini Sandwich for Fabric Cutting

Gemini Cutting Plate Sandwich for fabric cutting.

In order to sew any hexagon shape flat, you need to master the “Y” seam.  You’ll be an expert by the end of sewing a project with the Elongated Hexagons Patch Work Dies.  And even though it’s a bit long and tedious, you’ll love the result.

To sew a Y seam, you sew a regular 1/4 inch seam along the side of two RST (right sides together) hexagons. However, at the start and finish of this seam you need to leave a 1/4″ gap. This is so you can bring in the next hexagon, you’ll leave a 1/4″ gap at the beginning and end of each seam on each hexagon. This will leave room for the subsequent hexagon. Iron flat.  It’s slow, but it’s pretty.


Sewing an accurate "Y" Seam makes for perfect Hexagon piecing.

See, it makes the letter Y.  Just keep sewing Y seams until it’s as large as you’d like it.

Patchwork Die Elongated Hexagon

Sewing an accurate “Y” Seam makes for perfect Hexagon piecing.

The Elongated Hexagons are part of the Patchwork Dies coming to HSN Sept 10th 2019.

Elongated Hexagon

Elongated Hexagon

Happy Sewing!



List of products I have used for a project

Crafter’s Companion Hexagon Patchwork Dies

Crafter’s Companion Gemini Machine 

Crafter’s Companion Gemini Cutting Plate

Crafter’s Companion Gemini Plastic Shim 

Crafter’s Companion Gemini Magnetic Shim 

Janome Memory Craft 6600 Professional Sewing & Quilting Machine



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