Outdoor Project: Make Your Own Outdoor Vinyl Carpet With Cricut

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outdoor project make your own outdoor vinyl carpet with cricut

Did you know that with your Cricut machine and some vinyl that you can make an outdoor carpet?

It easier than you think, and is a great way to update your outdoor decor this summer.

To make my own outdoor carpet,  I cut out long strips of vinyl in Aztec shapes on my new Cricut Maker 3. It cut the long strips all in one go because when you use the Smart Vinyl, you don’t need a mat!


Watch the full project unfold or read the steps below!


1- Using Cricut Design Space, select the design you would like to use for your carpet.  I used an Aztec image. I duplicated the image 3 times, but you can duplicate it however many times you need to make it fit the space you have.  (This is the beauty of homemade, you get to personalize to your exact specifications).  I lined up the Aztec images and attached and welded them together so that they would stay together when cut.

vinyl carpet in Design Space

2- Cut your image using your Cricut Maker 3 on black Smart permanent vinyl (or whichever colour you would like to use).  To fit my space I cut 5 rows. Using the Smart vinyl, it allowed me to get the big continuous cut I needed to make this project easier.

3- Before weeding my image, I cut a 1” strip off the side of each sheet (set aside for later).

4-  Weed your image and transfer them onto the Cricut Transfer tape.

weeding vinyl for outdoor carpet

5 – Lay the rows in place (one row at a time), and use your Cricut scraper to transfer the image onto the deck.  Slowly peel the transfer tape off of the Aztec image.

woman working with vinyl to create outdoor carpet

woman smiling at camera pressing down vinyl

6 – Now using the 1” strips, make a border around the 5 rows.  This will frame out your design and give it a real carpet feel.

7 – Stand back and admire your work. Now you have a water and dirt-proof outdoor vinyl carpet.


We’ve had this installed for about 2 weeks now, and there’s been hot sun and also lots of rainy days…so far it’s holding up great! I’ll keep you posted.

– Jen


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