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For me, the slightest twinge of inspiration turns into a weekend of OCD.  I met a friend’s new baby on Friday and that was it, she must have a quilt by Monday. So the plans of Christmas wreath making went on hold, so the sweet little thing could be wrapped snug as a bug within 72 hours.

Baby Pink and White Chevron Pattern.

                                                             Baby Pink and White Chevron Pattern.

 Luckily it was a baby I was inspired by and not a huge burly 6-foot-man because it’s a pretty small quilt.  So i was able to finish it quickly.

The front is a subtle chevron, made using half square triangles. And the pack is a soft blue, solid piece of fabric with soft pink roses.

Some of the lines got a little wonky. I doubt the baby will care.

I hand stitched the the binding so I could keep working on it while watching the kids at their weekend program.  My hands ached at the end and I need to buy a thimble.

First thing this morning I snapped a few pictures and the kids helped. I really hope the baby likes it, (in like 5 years when she can even process it).  My secret wish is it becomes her “Gankey”…. that’s what my little ones still call their favorite blankets.

HandMade with Love

Oh, and look what came in the mail!!!!!!!! What a treat. So much new fabric!

                                             A fat-quarter bundle. Scrumptious by Bonnie & Camille.

Live on OCD, Live on.

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